Best Jump Rope For Double Unders: Premium Choice For Further Improvement

Best Jump Rope for Double Unders

In CrossFit programs, you would often see double-unders in the program. It only means that the rope has to pass twice under your feet; which makes the movement very challenging. It requires practice, skill, and coordination to chain the reps altogether. You will need the Best Jump Rope for Double Unders to execute it with ease.


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Check The Quality First

How do you know if the jump rope is of great quality? There are many kinds of jump or speed ropes out there, but some of them may be mediocre for their price. I know that getting double-unders is all about technique and practice, but the equipment can give a little help. We are going to give you a few key points if the rope you want to buy is of great quality.

If you don’t get great quality materials, it could often lead to injury.


1. The material of the rope/wire

  • There different ropes compositions, and you just have to find the one that will suit you best. There are some that tangles and others maintain the natural "line" of the rope. Make sure that it doesn't deform when you bend it.
  • There are others that are composed of fabric, and they are durable. The only drawback for it is they are too heavy to ex ecute some doubles unders with it. Another reason is, it causes too much friction inside the handles thus, making it much slower.
  • If, however, it would retain moisture, it will add more weight. I know it is less likely to get themselves wet, but it is for your advantage to have a knowledge of it.

The Grip/Handle

  • Check out if the handle is comfortable enough for you. Find that material that won’t give too much friction in your hands. Also, see if it is well balanced once you start using it. You might lose your momentum, and it will be hard for you to follow another loop if the handles are heavy.
  • Sometimes, it isn't good if the handles are too thin. The weight will be imbalanced from the ropes. It will be difficult to turn especially, if you are doing double unders. Find a good weight ratio between the ropes and the handle.

Kinds Of Jump Ropes

It is hard to believe that their classification for jump ropes as well, but it will help once you find the right one for you. Each of the following is composed of different materials, and they have a different “feel” to them so to speak. At the end of it, it could just be the mastery of the tool and the skill.

1. Plastic Jump Ropes

One of the common and most popular choice for jumps ropes are the Plastic ones. It is composed of PVC, and they are quite pricey depending on the brand that you are planning to get. Although, the weight distribution is not equal, so it might give you a difficulty executing double-unders.

The plastic jump ropes are great for any athletic level. It will matter if you outgrow it, and gain more strength and endurance since it bears weight. A lot of CrossFit athletes would also use these kinds of cables since they are very durable on whatever platform they use it on. Even the thickness and the weight of the rope is unbalanced; it is still quite versatile for whatever sport you are in.

2. Steel Cables

Another popular choice for athletes when they are looking for a faster double-unders exercise. It has been said that the type is more commonly known for speed, and they have been chosen for competition level product. However, if you are just starting out for it, better learn with the heavy ropes to feel the rope moving. It is also for you to master the momentum because once you transition to steel ropes; it will almost feel weightless.

You almost won’t get tired with the steel ropes, since it is very lightweight. If you want to have a grasp of the rope motion, it is suggested that you buy the 4mm rope. It will hit the ground on purpose, and it will give you that signal that it has gone through under you once or twice.

3. Ropes With Weight Add-Ons

It might come in handy that you can adjust and modify the weight bearing. Depending on your skill level, if you want to feel the ropes a little bit more, then you customize the slack of the ropes. It is ideal if you want more speed and power for the double-unders.

There are still variations for the weighted ropes. You can add weight to the handles so that the weight distribution during motion is according to your preference. There are also where you can attach the weights to the rope. As mentioned above, heavier weights are great for progressing your skill and will develop endurance as well.

Best Jump Ropes For Double Unders

It is time to find your jump ropes for double-unders. We have given you all the tips that you needed to look for the suitable one for you. We have search far and wide and read reviews critically about what athletes and famous CrossFit veterans use during the games. I bet you will need a high-performance product for such an exhilarating and intense event.


Wod Nation Speed Jump Rope




  • The thumb screws make the ropes easier to adjust, which allows it to be suitable for any height.
  • The ball bearings are smooth that it eases through every time you do a loop.
  • It has a great grip even under intense perspiration in the middle of a conditioning session.
  • Very convenient and approachable customer service.
  • The thumb screws would sometimes slip off and would not stay intact; which is obviously a manufacturing flaw.
  • It may not be comfortable for beginners as it is hard to progress with a lighter rope.

Here is our first product on the list from, WOD Nation. They have designed their products with their unique characteristics which caught our attention. They have claimed that their ropes is one of the fastest, or is the quickest in the market. The thing is, there are other just as similar to it.

According to its product description and specifications; it is very durable, and lightweight that makes it a top choice amongst others.
   - It has a 6.75” long tapered end for maximum grip enhanced with high-grade metal     ball bearings.
    - The cable is 2.5mm in length, and they have included a spare one as well.
   - Comes with a convenient bag as well, so there is nothing to worry about bringing it around.

Our Opinion:

When we talk about speed ropes, the WOD NATION has all the characteristics we need. It is fast and easy to adjust, and it is very lightweight. It is ideal for those who want to give a snap on their ropes and make them do double-unders with a breeze. It is easy to get around with, but it is not recommended for taller people. Be careful with your adjustments because it also has one spare.


Epitomie Fitness Ballistyx Jump Rope




  • It is very adjustable which makes it suitable for all sizes.
  • It can be used for any sports.
  • The lightweight ropes and the multi ball-bearing system allows it to move freely.
  • The rope is too light that it is hard to get the momentum during double-unders
  • The handles accumulate moisture which makes it hard to grip over a long workout duration.

Another chosen and worthy product that made it to our list. It is composed of materials that are reasonable to be one of the ropes that could boost your performance.

Let us see what the rope is composed of:
   - 10-ft cable rope- PVC rope coated with polymer
   - Non-slip handles
   - Multi ball bearing system
   - A training video for beginners

As you can see it is designed to be a quality rope that everyone can use, and basing it on the reviews, it has some pros and cons with it as well.

Our Opinion:

It is a reasonable product to use elsewhere. Our only concern is that it is not suitable for beginners as mentioned a while back. Although, you will be able to sustain with long workouts because of its ability to improve your stamina.


Epitomie Fitness PowerSkip




  • You will have a better learning curve because of how balanced the ropes are from the handles.
  • It is easy to use, and it is proven that the ropes are a hundred percent tangle-free.
  • You will still get the same fast rotation while feeling the momentum of the motion.
  • The locking mechanism is hard to get around with, and it is possible that the rope might not stay in place.
  • It would be better if the rope had an asymmetrical, such that, it would lock tightly inside the handle.

We have another product from Epitomie Fitness. It is indeed different because of a different handle but increased comfortability. It is obvious that it can be slightly heavier than the previous one because of its handles.

So, what difference does it make from the item beforehand?
   - Multi-ball bearing system.
   - Polymer coated speed cable
   - Memory Foam handles

It is obvious that it is somehow different from the earlier Epitomie Fitness product, and it is designed to be a more versatile and beginner-friendly rope. Still, there are some flaws that people experience while using the item.

Our Opinion:

If we are going to compare it with the other product with the same brand, it is a beginner friendly one, but I hope that it was designed a little better. I have reviewed a lot of feedbacks, and they had a similar issue with the item – it is always the locking mechanism. Other than that, it is still a great jump rope to use for any sport you are into.


Gowiss Jump Rope




  • It is indeed built for speed; an ideal choice for the professionals.
  • It has an extra set of screws and easily adjustable.
  • Highly durable and ergonomic plastic handles with equal weight distribution with the ropes.
  • It is not ideal for beginners

A jump-rope that looks very ideal for CrossFit athletes. The design of it looks "fast," and it will get your double unders in no time. It includes additional kit, which I think is very wise for the group to do; especially for the ones who aren't used to using and assembling a speed rope.

Let us know what makes a choice for professional athletes:
   - Advanced steel ball-bearings
   - Oversize screws with additional sets
   - Ergonomic and anti-slip plastic handles
   - TPU coated speed ropes

It is built for speed, but I guess it is still not for everyone. With all the lightweight and ergonomic products, some are still not pleased with it.

Our Opinion:

I think it is the best one we have for our list. It doesn't do anything else, and it is a very straightforward item. You definitely can't go wrong with besides going fast with the item.


FITSkuad Speed Rope




  • It is very lightweight and easy to grip
  • Very adjustable because of the large head screws.
  • IT is not an ergonomic grip because it is too thin, and it would tend to slip out from your hands.

For CrossFitters, you will more likely see steel handles because it is faster and more comfortable to hold for them.

The composition is somewhat pretty basic:
   - 10-foot long cable coated with PVC
   - Adjustable extra-large screws
   - Aluminum handles with foam grips

I am certain there are some people who still dislike it; nonetheless, it is still a great product.

Our Opinion:

It is a great option if you want a jump rope to feel almost weightless within your grasp. Although, I wouldn’t recommend it for people who are still learning how to do double-unders.

Our Choice

Gowiss Jump Rope

It is straight-forward and easy to use. Very convenient for every athlete that goes for a long period of training.


We have just presented to you all our top choice for best jump rope for double unders. All of them have been tried and tested by numerous athletes across the globe. Some of the choices on the list might still not be to your liking, so feel free to search that would satisfy your preference. If you have other questions, leave it in the comments below.

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    Gregory Brown

    Hi there, I'm Gregory Brown, chief editor at I spend half of my time in this blog while the other half on being physical fitness trainer. Believing in the great benefits of bodybuilding and fitness to the body, I’ve been motivated to become a fitness enthusiast. It also was what gave me the self-confidence and assurance within myself both physically and psychologically.

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