Best Detox Tea: Purify What Is Inside

Best Detox Tea

In bodybuilding, we tend to drink a lot of supplements to help us recover and build our muscles quicker. It also accounts to what we eat in our diet due to the circumstance of what our body desires. Little do we know that sometimes our organs and body are becoming dirty and we just notice it at first hand. We just to take in whatever is delicious and favorable for our body to get stronger. We are going to help you clean your body by giving you the Best Detox Tea for a healthier and cleaner body.


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What is a Detox Tea?

Comprised of different ingredient cause it to be a healing food for the body. It has become a trend for healthy and fit people to find a way on how to naturally cleanse their body from all the junk that they eat. There are times that we are very unaware of what we put in our body, and as they say, "our body is the greatest investment."

Usually, a Green Tea is already considered a detoxifying tea because of the health benefits it can do. One is lowering blood sugar and bad cholesterol. Second, is it has therapeutic claims that it can do, and it can also reduce inflammations and relax the muscle tissues.

There are now a lot of ingredients that they use from different fruits, plants, and herbs. Others are a blend of various spices altogether. It is nice to know that people can be very creative and make a great change and contribute to the wellness of today's society. It is truly needed since we are surrounded by fast food establishments.

How To Mix With Your Diet?

We cannot rely on detoxifying herbal teas every single day. We still have to consider eating clean and healthy such as vegetables and lean protein. We can include some healthy fats in there as well such omega-3 and omega-6.

In all honesty, there are no strict rules of how and when to take it. You can include in part of your meals, or drink it by itself, but you can get creative with your meals and try to partner it with what is on your plate. Since it is one of the ideal solutions to lose weight, then you can just add little more calories to your daily intake.

Most teas have caffeine in the ingredients, so it would be good to add it to your pre-workout meal. It is also to cleanse you before going to the gym.

Benefits of Detox Teas

Of course, there are numerous benefits that it can give us, and I have all the time to list a lot of them here. It is one of nature’s true gifts that we can use to take care of our system. Since there are already profound medicinal properties it brings, what other stuff can it do?

1. Energy Spike

  • As mentioned earlier, some of the teas contain caffeine in the mix. Even though it is a diuretic, it is also known to give a boost of energy for a certain or limited amount of time. There are some ingredients or phytochemicals an ingredient can do to cut out the sugar, and even better, convert it to energy.
  • Studies have shown Teas can work as well, or even better than coffee to start off your morning with. It is also a fact that it is safer to drink it for your kidneys to avoid damaging it.

2. Improved Immunity

  • There are detox teas that have citrus extracts in them, and we all know that citrus contains Vitamin C. It is the best vitamin to fend off deadly bacteria and viruses to keep your body healthy. Many of the herbs will be able to promote and regulate our body's lymphatic system. Along with your daily exercise, testosterone is also an immunity booster.

3. Promotes Weight Loss

  • We all know that it contains diuretic substances, and a general role of it is to flush out excess in our body; which further leads to weight loss. It is a long-term habit and investment to regularly and appropriately drink your detox teas for a cleaner body.
  • It also reduces your calories that you've eaten throughout the day, and that is already a proven fact. Combined with exercise, you might even reach your goal faster than you think.

4. Aids Sleeping Habits

  • Certain detox teas have the ability to sooth you to get yourself ready for bed. Sometimes, we wrestle around on our bed and have difficulty in sleeping. Some of the teas help us to increase our Melatonin level. It is a chemical in our body that makes us drowsy.
  • At least one mug of tea is already enough to get yourself ready for bedtime. Rather than drinking alcohol that could damage your liver, just drink tea instead and have your body be cleansed by morning.

5. Variety of Ingredients

  • It is probably the biggest benefit that a detox tea could give you. Because of the different mix of recipes in a single cup of tea, it could give you a lot of medicinal properties that you may not that you need. There are just too many to mention, but it is hard to say that it really IS good for you.
  • From a regular black tea, it already does certain things in your body that you no longer need to consult your doctor with (but please visit them on a regular basis).

Side Effects

While it can give us a lot of health benefits, our body has a price to pay as well for it. There might be some things that our body cannot produce or digest properly from detox teas, so we have to take note some of these when we consider drinking one. How a natural and known drink could be harmful to an extent.

1. Dehydration

  • When you accumulate a certain amount or "overdose" yourself with detox teas, you might be unaware that you are just losing water weight and not fat. It is dangerous to be dehydrated, and it could affect even your mental health. Detox are infused with different kinds of diuretics, so be careful about. Too much will always be a bad thing, so take it in moderation.

2. Deregulate Colon Movement

  • Detox teas contain the ingredient "Senna" in them. It comes from a pod or from a leaf that is known to be a natural laxative. Over time, our body becomes immune to such ingredient that our digestion even becomes abnormal. To avoid it from happening, look for teas that don't have or contain minimal content of Senna.
  • It is a controversy of how Senna is approved by FDA, yet it can bring damage to us. It just comes to show that you don’t have to drink it regularly and depend on it. Sometimes, you have to let your body flush out toxin naturally which is by sweating,

3. Sudden Jitters

  • Detox are somewhat close to the thermogenic fat burner, because, it contains significant amounts of caffeine. It may give you a good kickstart, but you may experience restlessness and unwanted jitters in the middle of the day. Unless it says on the label, avoid drinking detox teas before bedtime.

The Best Detox Teas

Now that you have been provided with knowledge, we will help you choose the right tea for you. I was very careful about choosing the teas online since I mentioned that they might induce severe side effects for you. We can't just pick right off the shelf, and be fooled by its marketing.


V-Tox Tea Kit: Morning Teatox and Evening Flush




  • Relieves “bloated:” sensation
  • Great flavor
  • Relieves constipation
  • Fails to suppress appetite

Our Opinion:

People have been complaining that it doesn't suppress appetite, which it is stated that it is supposed to do that. Despite failing its function, other people were relieved of being bloated, and it kickstarts their morning really well. It helps them sleep at night as well, and they experience a good deep slumber from it.


Physique Tea




  • Proprietary blends of detoxifiers
  • Increase energy levels
  • Immunity booster
  • It gives headaches
  • Too bitter on the tongue

Our Opinion:

This tea could've worked perfectly if it didn't have such a horrible taste. I know that teas are bitter, but it doesn't have to be more bitter than your last break up that you have to go back to. It is the number one complaint by many of the users on Amazon, but the effect is still amazing. Combined with their proper diet, the tea works well.


Baetea Teatox




  • Appetite suppressant
  • Pleasant blend of flavors
  • Effective cleanser
  • Some users get an upset stomach from it
  • Minimal effect on weight loss

Our Opinion:

If you are looking for a tea that can detoxify your body, then this could be the one, and that's it. You cannot rely on this tea if you are planning for weight loss properties from it. Other than that, it has a great flavor which pleasing and soothing for the mind and body. Wonder why people feel gagging when they drink the tea.


Yogi Teas




  • It aids stomach regulation
  • Doesn’t contain caffeine
  • Soothes muscle aches
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • It can be too sweet for some people.

Our Opinion:

Beside on having a different taste for some people, this tea is very effective. All of the ingredients are clinically proven and efficient to function in our body. It doesn't contain any caffeine so you may drink this at night as well. You won't have any jitters, light-headedness, and nauseous sensation with it. It is a great help for you organs especially for the liver and kidneys effectively.


Total Tea Gentle Detox Tea




  • Anti-inflammatory blend
  • Has great taste
  • Aids proper digestion
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Caffeine Free
  • Signs of ineffectiveness
  • Brings constipation
  • Not ideal for weight loss
  • Brings drowsiness

Our Opinion:

I am kind of disappointed about how it fails people in doing what is stated on its label. A lot of the reviews say that it doesn't even give them energy or make them lose weight. However, at least it doesn't give off any harmful side effect, unlike any other "promising" detox teas which are supposed to clean you. The drowsiness effect is not really a bad thing, but it can be inconvenient in some occasions.

Our Choice

Yogi Teas


We have read so many positive reviews for the product, and I would highly recommend it for everyone to give it a shot as your detox tea. If you are sensitive to taste, then maybe you can add something to please your palate . It has been tried and tested to clean your organs from any junk that you have been taking in for the past few days.

Healthy Reminders

  • Do not rely on them, and know which food to eat to keep you healthy.
  • Have a proper training program and exercise regularly if you want to see optimal effects and results while taking your detox teas.
  • Do not overdose yourself with the tea if you don't want to experience an adverse side effect that can damage you permanently.
  • Always ask your doctors or physicians before taking them. You might have a health condition that you could worsen if you take the wrong tea.


We have just given you the Best Detox Teas for a cleaner you! Make sure that you research carefully about the ingredients of the tea that you wish to buy. There are still speculations out there about its effect on the body, so please feel free to research further about detox teas and the product that you want. If you still have other questions or suggestions, please leave it in the comment below.


Author: Gregory Brown

Hi there,
I’m Gregory Brown, chief editor at
I spend half of my time in this blog while the other half on being physical fitness trainer. Believing in the great benefits of bodybuilding and fitness to the body, I’ve been motivated to become a fitness enthusiast. It also was what gave me the self-confidence and assurance within myself both physically and psychologically.

    Gregory Brown

    Hi there, I'm Gregory Brown, chief editor at I spend half of my time in this blog while the other half on being physical fitness trainer. Believing in the great benefits of bodybuilding and fitness to the body, I’ve been motivated to become a fitness enthusiast. It also was what gave me the self-confidence and assurance within myself both physically and psychologically.

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