TRX Leg Exercises: Outstandingly Improve Your Movement!

TRX Leg Exercises

There are times that we have difficulty in reforming and shaping our legs. It is one of the hardest body parts to develop because it requires so much from our body's strength unless we are blessed with good genetic for it. Most of the people you see in the gym would love to hit their upper bodies twice a week, but only work on their lower body once a week and do not bring as much as intensity about.


What TRX does is to distribute regular workouts to the whole body and pinpoint to yourself where you lack concerning strength, muscle endurance, and muscle mass. I have seen that a lot of people are having a hard time developing their legs, which is why I will give you TRX Leg Exercises to improve your leg strength.

Facts About Building Your Legs

I just want to give you a few notes about building muscle with your legs. Regarding functionality and biomechanics, it the body that used the most. Now it makes you wonder, why there are people with large calf muscles and bigger thighs. Some of them could have good genetic adaptation, and some trained them to be as such.

#1- More Reps, More Gains

Some experts and coaches say that the muscle requires a lot of physical trauma to grow. As stated earlier, it is one of the most used muscle group in our body. Even staying at home, it is our "mode" of travel to get from our bed to the bathroom.

#2- Go Heavy For It!

If you've read our article about how muscle grows fast, putting it under heavy physical stress will make it massive. It is a big muscle group, and it is no doubt that you need to exert as much force as you can to lift the weight.

#3- Frequency Matters

It may not work for some, but think about why the CrossFit athletes have such huge and ripped legs. The reason behind is that legs are always involved in their daily sessions. Even though it is not heavy, they would still put a lot of repetition in it to simulate functionality movements.

Although, it doesn’t work for everybody as well. Others would just train once or twice a week with their legs and still get their size with the right diet and nutrition.

TRX Leg Exercises

Now that I have given you a few ideas about how your legs adapt to physical stress from daily activities, here are some of the TRX Leg Exercises you can do at home with your TRX suspension trainer. Some of them may be easy for you, and others might need a little bit more skill to practice.

#1. TRX Step Back Lunge

  • Establish your starting position with your feet hip-width apart.
  • Have one foot, toes in first, at one handle end of the TRX Handle.
  • With your active leg, drop down as low as you can, and stand with it back up.
  • After accomplishing all of the repetitions desired, repeat the same process with the other leg.

#2. TRX Pistol Squats


  • Start off with your feet stance hip-width apart.
  • While holding the TRX, raise one leg forward while the other is secured and stable on the floor.
  • Slowly descend on that one leg as low as you can, and stand explosively.
  • Once you have finished your desired repetition on the active leg, repeat the same process on the other leg.

#3. TRX Squats Jumps


  • When performing the workout, you would want to think of doing it aggressively and violently on the jumps. It is very effective especially to those who are in the track and field team.
  • Establish your squat width by having your feet wider than your shoulder width apart.
  • Squat down with your hips parallel or past your knees.
  • Then, explode on the way up and jump.

#4. TRX Hamstring Curls


  • The workout may seem a little challenging for the first time, but it look takes a while to get there.
  • Start off with your body flat on the floor.
  • Hook both of your feet to the handles of the TRX.
  • To initiate the sequence, have your hips raised and locked out at the top.
  • With your legs forming an elevated angle from the floor, curl and squeeze at the top of the rep.
  • Concentrate on the contraction for the exercise.

#5. TRX Single Leg Romanian Deadlift


  • Let’s add more emphasis on your hamstrings by doing a single leg Romanian deadlift. Compared to the hamstring curl, the more flexibility you have with your hips and hamstrings, the lower and straighter you can go.
  • Grab the handles of the TRX to support you and keep you balanced at all times.
  • Then, one leg with the knee slightly bent, bend down with your hips keeping a neutral and straight back at all times.
  • You should feel all the tension on the hamstrings and glutes.
  • Finally, stand back up straight.

Weights VS. Suspension Training (TRX)

With weight training, you get to add volume on the muscle by lifting heavier weights. The thing is, some movements are not functional and could cause some serious injuries if you perform them with impatience and improper form and technique. You will get strength, but you will be tight in some areas, and you will lose explosiveness and quickness with your movements. The bottom line is, it is ideal for building a big pack off mass in your muscles.

TRX, on the other hand, has dynamics and free moving exercises that allow you to combine and be creative with other movements. It is the reason why it is coupled with the MMA and field training programs because it simulates realistic and functional movements from our daily activities. Unlike its external weight training counterpart, it doesn't build as much strength performing it alone.

I am not saying one is better than the other. Both of them have ups and down; it is just like free weights in contrast with Smith machines. They all have great impacts on our performance and athletic levels. The important thing is, both of the methods burn fat and calories; which in return leads to weight loss.


  • Make sure that you purchase genuine TRX models. There have been numerous reports of counterfeit products so be careful.
  • You can combine TRX training after you strength or weight training. It is a good cooldown workout as well, or you can improvise with an HIIT method for an intense and quick fat-burning workout.
  • They can be brought anywhere, which is one of the biggest advantages of the product. You can search videos in, and some of them would even do it in the park.
  • Have a partner to make the exercise more exciting, and make it a competitive one as well.


That is a wrap for your TRX Leg Exercises. All of them are the basic movements which you can Improvise and design your program once you have learned your fundamentals. You don't need to worry about missing your workout as it is easy to install, and effortless to bring anywhere you want. If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments section below.


Author: Gregory Brown

Hi there,
I’m Gregory Brown, chief editor at
I spend half of my time in this blog while the other half on being physical fitness trainer. Believing in the great benefits of bodybuilding and fitness to the body, I’ve been motivated to become a fitness enthusiast. It also was what gave me the self-confidence and assurance within myself both physically and psychologically.

    Gregory Brown

    Hi there, I'm Gregory Brown, chief editor at I spend half of my time in this blog while the other half on being physical fitness trainer. Believing in the great benefits of bodybuilding and fitness to the body, I’ve been motivated to become a fitness enthusiast. It also was what gave me the self-confidence and assurance within myself both physically and psychologically.

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