Best Laxatives For Weight Loss: Mind-Blowing Way To Perfect Fit!

Best Laxatives For Weight Loss

Looking good doesn't necessarily mean only to train hard in the gym. What you eat is also really important if you want to have a good and healthy body.

Most of the people have a problem with a busy schedule and they don't have much time to prepare healthy food so they tend to eat junk food from the nearest grill or fast food. But, that kind of food will bloat you, affect your bowel movement, and make you full of gasses. Not to mention that it will sabotage any attempt to lose weight.

For our body to stay in good shape it's really important to properly cleanse it from the unwanted toxins. Here is where laxatives come to the rescue. The best laxatives for weight loss will affect your metabolism, clean your bowels and make you lose fat. The only thing is – you got to find them. For all of you that are using laxatives for the first time, it's important to know a few things.​


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A. What Are Laxatives/Types of Laxatives?

Constipation can be a real problem especially if it's happening to you way too often. A laxative is a substance that can help you resolve your constipation problem and help you lose unwanted weight. A laxative is a great way to help you stimulate the bowel movement and reduce the amount of food that is undigested.

There are many types of laxatives and they all work in different ways on different problematic areas. There are laxatives that only work for stool and there are ones that work only on the intestine.

These are four main types of laxatives that can be found everywhere:

#1. Bulk-forming laxative

Ingredients: psyllium, methylcellulose, calcium polycarbophil.

Bulk-forming laxatives are a good choice for people who have constant constipation. They can be used for a long period of time and with the minimum risk of side effects. But, they usually need a while to start working.

Bulk-forming laxatives form a gel in your stool that helps you have more water in the stool. That way the stool becomes larger which helps it to pass more quickly through the intestine.

#2  Osmotic Agents and Saline Laxatives

Ingredients: bisacodyl and sennosides.

While bulk-forming stool makes stool larger by forming a gel that helps you have more water, saline laxatives separate water from the food that isn't digested in the intestine using higher pressure to make bowel movements. They are powerful but doctors recommend that they shouldn't be used on a regular basis because they can cause dehydration.

#3. Stool Softeners and Lubricants

Ingredients: docusate sodium and calcium.

Stool softeners help wet and soften the stool by mixing water and other liquids for helping the stool come out easier. They are the most gentle among all laxatives however they are only good for people who don't have a constant problem with constipation.

#4. Stimulant Laxatives

Ingredients: bisacodyl and sennosides.

Like their name already says, they stimulate and increase the bowel movement. Stimulant laxatives work fast but doctors recommend to be careful when using them because they can damage the intestinal system and they can cause dehydration if they are used on a regular basis.

B. What Are The Benefits of Laxatives?

As I have already mentioned before, laxatives are a good way to help cleansing unwanted toxic substances from the body, improving digestion and metabolism. The improved metabolism will boost your weight loss, and thus make you slimmer.

Although they are effective you shouldn't need to use it for longer than one week. If after one week you still have a problem with constipation it's probably best if you see your doctor rather than continuing to use it.

Also, there are few things you can do to help laxatives work more effective on the bowel movement:

C. How To Take Laxatives?

Depending on how we take them, laxative can be found in these forms:

  • Tablets or capsules for oral intake.
  • Powder that you mix with water for oral intake.
  • Suppositories for rectal intake.
  • Liquids or gels for rectal intake

How often you should take them depends on the form of the laxative. Some laxatives are prescribed to be used in the specific part of the day, for example early in the morning or late in the evening.

It's really important to know your dosage and to never take more than recommended dose because this can cause really bad side effects.

Also, it's imperative to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of fluids(even if you are not thirsty) during the whole laxative using process.

D. Possible Side Effects Of Laxatives

Most of us don' pay attention to the side effects when we are reading the instructions because we think that it's not going to happen to us. But it's better to be safe now than sorry later.

Therefore, here's a list of all the side effect that laxatives may cause:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Dehydration
  • Bloating and gas
  • Allergic reaction

Some of these side effects are mild but some are really serious. Don't think it's nothing and that it will pass naturally. Consult your doctor immediately, maybe the laxative that you bought isn't the right type for you.

Pick Best Laxatives For Weight Loss!

Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, and you can click links above to see current prices and read customers reviews on Amazon



  • Works really fast.
  • It's effective in solving constipation problems.
  • Gives great results with losing weight
  • Contain vitamins, therefore you should probably contact your doctor before the intake.
  • Tablets are hard to swallow

Our opinion:

A real miracle worker called Swiss Kriss Tabs is the laxative which gives great results and helps you lose unwanted weight. However, it's not recommended for long time weight loss and the only solution for losing weight. Sure, it can help you lose a few pounds because it will help you digest food faster but it can be very addictive if it's used more than it should be.

It has shown past the years as very useful in solving constipation really fast (approximately after four hours) without any trouble what so ever.

All tabs are made naturally and you don't have to worry about the chemicals but remember to drink a lot of water to prevent the dehydration.

It may be a little bit pricey, but this container will last up to two months, so it's worth the money. Also, the tablets are really dry and you'll maybe have a problem with swallowing them the first time but drink a lot of water and they will come through.

You can drink it in the morning which will give you enough vitamins without any forms of irritation. It's highly recommended to ease your constipation, and it will definitely help you fasten your metabolism.



  • Effective in reducing constipation
  • Great for softening stool
  • It's affordable
  • Easy to use
  • You need to drink a lot of water after the intake
  • You might feel bloated

Our opinion:

Kirkland LaxaClear works almost the same way as the Swiss Kriss Tabs. Both of them are good laxatives that help you reduce constipation. It can help you lose unwanted weight but, just like the previous product, you shouldn't consider it as the only solution for losing weight. Eating healthy and training can help you lose additional weight and laxative can be used as a push up for digesting the food.

Although, Kirkland LaxaClear works great in softening stools so it's considered to be a lubricant laxative. And the best thing is that you can purchase Kirkland LaxaClear without a prescription.

But should probably consult your doctor prior the intake to avoid having problems with the digestive system. Reviews show that Kirkland is very easy to use and that it gives great results and it's affordable for everyone.




  • It's among the cheapest laxative but still, gives great results
  • Helps reduce constipation
  • Made of finest herbs and fibers
  • Great for losing additional weight
  • You need to drink a lot of water during the day
  • It will give occasional cramps and stomach aches.
  • You might feel bloated

Our opinion:

Dr. Tobias Colon 14 Day Quick Cleanse is easy and effective natural laxative that helps reducing constipation by being gentle on the intestines. It's made of finest herbs, fibers, and probiotics that are carefully chosen and optimized for an effective 14 day cleanse.

Dr. Tobias Colon cleanses toxins, gives you healthy energy levels and helps you have a healthy and regular bowel movements.

It has shown great for losing additional unwanted weight because it cleans your intestinal tract of excess waste and helps you cleanse your body. Even though it's effective with losing weight it shouldn't be used as the only solution.

But also, It can give you cramps and you might feel bloated if you're not used to it so maybe it's best if you consult your doctor before trying it out. You will need to drink a lot of water during the day in order to prevent dehydration.



  • It's made of natural ingredients
  • Provides healthy bowel movements
  • Helps with constipation
  • It needs a prescription
  • You must drink a lot of water
  • Can cause gases or stomach cramps
  • It's not affordable for everyone

Our opinion:

Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula comes in a 90-tablet package and it gives great results in providing healthy and complete bowel movements of the colon and the intestines. It's all natural and it contains ingredients like curacao, cape aloe leaf, pods, grapefruit, yellow ginger, garlic bulb and habanero pepper.

Unlike other products from today's list, this product is not that cheap but it gives great results with chronic constipation and weight loss. It works as a stimulating laxative and it cleanses your intestinal system really fast. But, this product needs a prescription for purchasing it.

Bodybuilders use Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula with their detox and diet program. Although, because of its effective way of cleansing if you're not used to it you can have stomach cramps or maybe even gas while using it so you should consider contacting your doctor before you use it.



  • It's made of natural ingredients
  • Produces fast bowel movement
  • Takes effect in 6-12 hours
  • It's cheap when it's compared to the other laxative products
  • Pharmacists recommend it
  • It can cause cramps
  • You might feel bloated

Our opinion:

Major Senna Natural contains natural ingredients that help you relieve constipation. It produces fast bowel movement and takes effect within 6-12 hours. This product can help you lose weight because it effectively cleanses your intestinal system from all unwanted toxins and excess waste. However, like all other laxative products, it shouldn't be the only solution for losing weight.

Major Senna Natural comes with 1000 pills that can last for months and it's more than affordable when compared to the other laxative products. It's practically free for the quality it has with resolving the problem with constipation.

Although, like the other laxatives this one also can give you cramps and you might feel bloated if you are not used to it. In order to prevent dehydration, you'll have to drink a lot of fluids during the day.It's recommended that you drink 8-10 glasses of water during the day when you are using this or any other laxative product.

Also, it's highly recommended by pharmacists worldwide.


Remember that laxatives are not primarily produced to help people lose weight, they are there to help people with their constipation problem.

Even though all our products show great progress with resolving constipation problem and weight loss, and are pretty much all alike, there is one that is standing out from the group and that is Major Senna.​

Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1 

It shows great results in resolving constipation problem 6 hours after the intake and it's gentle with your intestines. It comes with 1000 tablets and it's basically free and best of all it's highly recommended by pharmacists.

Still, we highly recommend that you contact your doctor before using this or any other product. Keep in mind that there are many side effects that may occur when you try the product and that's why you should get a medical opinion before the intake. And remember to always stay hydrated!

Did you find this blog interesting and informative? Feel free to share your thoughts below and share this one with your friends to spread the information about laxatives! Thanks for reading and hope you got something from it.

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I’m Gregory Brown, chief editor at
I spend half of my time in this blog while the other half on being physical fitness trainer. Believing in the great benefits of bodybuilding and fitness to the body, I’ve been motivated to become a fitness enthusiast. It also was what gave me the self-confidence and assurance within myself both physically and psychologically.

    Gregory Brown

    Hi there, I'm Gregory Brown, chief editor at I spend half of my time in this blog while the other half on being physical fitness trainer. Believing in the great benefits of bodybuilding and fitness to the body, I’ve been motivated to become a fitness enthusiast. It also was what gave me the self-confidence and assurance within myself both physically and psychologically.

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