Best Inversion Table: Desirable Product For Further Improvement

Best Inversion Table

There are times when we feel a back pain or backaches that we find very uncomfortable to settle with. We schedule massage therapies, and sometimes they just don't work at all. Not even ibuprofen or mefenamic acid can do the job. How about working on heavy deadlift? Our lower backs become sore the next day, and we just feel uneasy about them.

There is a therapy called Inversion therapy where you will be set upside down using a table. It is also done to people who are undergoing rehab from a recent injury, and of course, they to invest in the said equipment; which is why we are going to give you the top Best Inversion Table for a soothing decompression.


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What is an Inversion Table?

Before we start on giving out the choices, let us learn a bit about of what an inversion table is. An inversion table is made to utilize gravity as a tool to decompress some of the pressure points in our body. Instead of using other machines or massage to do the job, it is used to relieve the pressure on your spine.

It is adjustable to any position you depending on the level of gravity you want. There are safety straps so that you are secured to the table without you falling while upside down or inverted. There are also waist adjustments which are used to identify the area where you want the decompression to intensify on.

Why Is it Used?

It came from an idea back in 400 BC when Hippocrates discovered that inverting patients decompress the spine

The inversion table is already an old equipment to realign the spine back to its place. Dr. Robert Martin back in the 1960’s said how the gravity would guide the body to stretch itself naturally. It was just in the 1980’s where the inversion table became a trend amongst therapies, and different companies were happy to produce its kind.

Now, there are just various innovations with it, and it has been one of the best methods on how to relief yourself without undergoing surgery. Not only that you save time, but you save a lot of money by investing on an Inversion Table.

Benefits Of Inversion Tables

Besides the spine decompression which was the initial discovery of inversion therapy, there are other parts of the body which can benefit from it as well. We all know that our body has some natural adjustments when you try to modify it by growing some muscles or undergo intensive training.



  • Since the gravity is pulling in one direction, it allows the blood to flow through normally. One would ask that we are standing and gravity is pulling us down every day, so what makes it different from being hung upside down?
  • There has been series of studies conducted that there are sometimes that we get an "unusual" blood circulation in our body. What are body does is it alters the pattern and regenerates for a healthier blood flow through our vascular system. Although, it is not recommendable for people who have high blood pressure or people who are hypertensive.


  • Concerning blood regulation, our organs can function properly with the help of the gravity. Other than the spine, our organs decongest themselves as well. It is important that you keep your organs healthy for it to function properly. You will need proper maintenance for your body, so try an inversion therapy once in a while.


  • It is true that when you perform squats, your spine temporarily shrinks because of the weight that is on top of you. The lumbar gets squeezed, so your spine drops down to it causing your height to shrink about an inch or two. Since the inversion therapy realigns the spine and decongests it, you gain your height back from the method.


  • Since you are improving the blood flow when doing an Inversion Therapy session, your muscles get relaxed making your them recover properly. If you add creatine in your supplementation, the recovery process would be much easier.
  • When workout, we place our body into physical stress due to the heavy load and activity that we go through. Over time, our body adapts to stress, and we tend to increase our intensity. Undergoing inversion therapy will help maintain our physical health to get ready for a more intensified session.


  • When you don't perform the proper form when you deadlift or didn't even wear a weightlifting belt during the exercise; herniated disc pain can occur. The inversion therapy session helps relieve the pain. It is also done as a rehabilitation method while recovering from a surgical process.

Workouts With Inversion Table

#1. Inverted Crunches


We all know the Ab crunches from the floor, right? Just incorporate the same movement while upside down on the inversion table. It is a harder version because you are fighting against gravity, and a broader range of your abdominals will be put into use.

#2. Inverted Squats


The inverted squats are a great workout especially after recovering from a herniated disc injury. Your glutes and hamstrings weaken after suffering from the damage. Now, this will be a great way to start off and get the strength off your legs again.

#3. Stretching


The simplest stretching workout you can do is just extend your body and reach out from both ends. This allows your spine to elongate and improve your height or maintain it.

#4. Sit Ups


I am pretty sure that you have done sit-ups on a decline bench in your local gym. This is the same thing, but the difference is that you can adjust the decline more until you are fully inverted. This is a great exercise to strengthen out your core. You can even achieve V-cut Abs with it as well.

Another variation is, you can pin down a resistance band, then grab it with your hands and do the sit-ups with it. It will add up to the intensity, and at the same time, it is going to realign and put back your core to its natural position.

Remember just to keep the exercises simple since we are in an unusual position from our everyday lives. You can add some weight but only up to a certain extent. It is not meant to for weightlifting, but you can experiment and create some on your own.

Best Inversion Tables for You

Now that you have been given an idea of what conversion tables and what to do with it; we are going to present to you the Best Inversion Tables available today. We have carefully selected a few that has great quality and that are recommended by most users. Some of them may have cons, but no product was ever perfect, to begin with. Time to get the therapeutic sensation that you’ve been longing for.

#1. IronMan Fitness Gravity 4000




  • It has extended backrest with lumbar pillow
  • Foldable for storage
  • Ratchet ankle locking system.
  • Inconsistent with quality
  • Faulty ratcheting mechanism that would not release your ankles immediately.

Our opinion:

This product could've been great, but I think there is a few point to consider before buying it based on the cons I just placed. You could be deceived by its looks because of how sturdy and striking it looks. It is nice that it is built strong, but they have to further improved on its locking mechanisms. The ankle ratcheting system doesn't release you immediately which could be very dangerous over time.

#2. Exerpeutic Inversion Table




  • User-height adjustable
  • Very sturdy
  • Can hold up to 300lbs
  • High-quality steel frame
  • May not be comfortable, especially for the feet.
  • Some shipments don’t include hardware tools.

Our opinion:

Exerpeutic is first on our A-list, and it has some few good point about it. Everything has to be sturdy especially if you are a heavy person. Safety is a must because of it your head that will be first to hit the floor. It does promise that it secures you while you are upside down, but other people have a hard time getting off from it. The foot clamp is uncomfortable for them because the foam is too soft and it could be painful after a long while. Other than that, it is what is supposed to be – an inversion table.

#3. Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Ltd.




  • Added padding materials for further comfortability
  • Extra handholds for safety.
  • Added lumbar bridge and neck arch for support.
  • Precision Balancing
  • Uncomfortable feet support
  • It could not be compatible to some people because of its size.

Our opinion:

The product looks promising. The only thing they have to fix is the foot safety lock. It was almost every buyer's complaint other than missing products from the shipment. I think the extra hand placements are smart, so they could do more workouts on if they want to. Overall, it is a great product and makes sure to consult your physician before you use it.

#4. Invertio Folding Inversion Table




  • It can accommodate 300lbs in weight.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Foldable for easier storage.
  • Easy inversion speed control.
  • Added padding materials for comfort.
  • Incomplete materials from shipment.
  • The instruction manual is misleading with its components and materials

Our opinion:

My only concern about the product is how the instruction manual is inaccurate when it comes to assembly. As effective as it is, how can you even build it when they ship missing tools or an incorrect instruction manual? Nonetheless, it still does its job, and there have been minimal complaints about discomfort. It caters to people from any size as well.

#5. Innova ITM4800




  • Isolated heat and vibration therapeutic massage
  • Large foam backrest
  • Multi massage setting.
  • 300lbs capacity.
  • Easy to assemble and easy to use.
  • Product inconsistency.
  • Leg holders are not very comfortable.

Our opinion:

Just like any other products, the leg holder is also uncomfortable especially when you are inverted, such a shame. It is, however, a highly-advanced table since it has a therapeutic massage option and heated padding. Although, it is kind of faulty since other users don't even get to use the massage function because it is broken. It just shows that the company is inconsistent with their products.

Our Choice

IronMan Fitness Gravity 4000


First off, it has a high weight capacity which I think is a major factor. The only thing bad about it anyways is the faulty ratcheting system, but at least you still stay secured while you are upside down. The padding is comfortable enough, and it is very broad which will apply to any body size available.


  • It is not a product that you can purchase if you just want to. Consult a physician first if you are prescribed to use it. Because you can still have complications while using the product, yet you are not even supposed to use it.
  • You can get nauseous with your very first use because of the position you will be in. If you have high blood pressure, consult your doctor for an alternative solution for it.
  • It is important that you double-check the quality of the product, and ensure that you assemble the product properly. It could lead you to fatal injuries if you don’t. Remember that it will be head first if anything goes wrong.


We have just presented you the Best Inversion Table, and what you need to know about them. The products we have introduced to you are carefully reviewed, but if your doctor prescribes something else, please follow their advice. Not all the goods are perfect, but it is what the users have recommended for others. If you have other questions or suggestions, leave it in the comments bellow.


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Hi there,
I’m Gregory Brown, chief editor at
I spend half of my time in this blog while the other half on being physical fitness trainer. Believing in the great benefits of bodybuilding and fitness to the body, I’ve been motivated to become a fitness enthusiast. It also was what gave me the self-confidence and assurance within myself both physically and psychologically.

    Gregory Brown

    Hi there, I'm Gregory Brown, chief editor at I spend half of my time in this blog while the other half on being physical fitness trainer. Believing in the great benefits of bodybuilding and fitness to the body, I’ve been motivated to become a fitness enthusiast. It also was what gave me the self-confidence and assurance within myself both physically and psychologically.

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