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Best Pull-Up Bar

There are various workout types of equipment that you can either install in your house or place it in your fitness facility business. Just like an adjustable workout bench, a pull-up bar also attacks different angles of muscles with a pulling motion, and work on some core movements with it. Furthermore, you can master your own body’s strength through progressive bodyweight training, and have defined physique as a result. For this article, we will showcase our Top 5 Best Pull-Up Bar in the market today


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Benefits of Pull-Up Bars

It doesn’t matter if you have the doorway, ceiling, or wall variant, as long as you practice and train hard, it will be very rewarding for your body. Just make sure you have the right nutrition and attitude towards it.

1. Strength Builder

It is designed to build strength to the upper section and core of the body. If you are creative enough with your routine, you may even activate other muscle areas as well.

2. Portable

If you have the doorway type, you may only set it up to any part of your house, and even in your office if your time allows it. There is no excuse for not making time to train as there are always ways to work out anytime and anywhere.

3. Bodyweight Mastery

You don't have to rely on dumbbells or barbells all the time; you can build muscle through bodyweight exercises or otherwise known as, "calisthenics."

4. Long-Term Equipment

For the ceiling or wall mount variants, these can last you for a lifetime. They are secured to a robust and firm structure, and it is made up of high-quality steel.

Exercises You Can Do With A Pull Bar

There is a wide array of exercises that you can execute on a pull-up bar. Each position or grip can work on different areas of your back muscles if there are areas that are underdeveloped. Moreover, this is a vertical pulling movement, so no matter what variant you are doing, the majority of the engaged muscles will be the same.

There are also core exercises that you can do with a pull-up bar. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is strictly just for pull-ups. Before I present to you the exercises, you must understand that there are three grip variations for pull-ups which are, pronated and supinated.

  • Pronated – it is commonly known as the overhand grip. It is harder than most of the variations because you are using less arm strength during the motion itself.
  • Supinated – with this kind of grip, your biceps are engaged thus making the exercises a whole lot easier
  • Neutral – your hands or palms are facing each other which is supposedly a medium difficulty from the variations stated earlier.

After knowing the kinds of grips, here are the exercises before choosing from the five best pull-up bars:


To start, grab the bar according to your shoulder width. Then, pull-up until your chest touches the bar. You may also go beyond the bar if you have strength to do so. Finally, slowly descend back to the starting position. Remember to engage your core and keep it tight so that you won’t swing during the movement.


It would be slightly less challenging than the workout mentioned above. Some bars have this grip attachment, and others don't. There is an equal distribution of strength from both the forearm and biceps. The same procedure applies from the traditional pull-up on with a neutral grip


You begin with an underhand or supinated grip, with your hands grasping the bar shoulder width apart. It has exactly the procedure as the exercise mentioned above. It should be less difficult as you can utilize your arms more than an overhand grip.


This a good pre-requisite technique for a strict or traditional pull-up. Kipping pull-ups use momentum which makes it easier to pull yourself up. Some have valid arguments that this is not considered as a pull-up because it isn't strict. Truthfully, it helps with your coordination and explosiveness with other workouts when you have a strong kip. You’ll be able to perform more repetitions compared to a strict pull-up. If you’re into CrossFit programs, you would often see this skill in their workouts.

To perform a kipping pull-up, grab the bar with an overhand grip with your hands shoulder width apart. Then, pull your leg back and squeeze your glutes. Your body should somehow resemble a letter "D" on this part. Then, explosively "throw" your legs and hips in an upward motion and pull yourself up.


For this movement, you can either choose to do an isometric hold or perform repetitions. It is the same execution and action, and it only matters if you want to build resistance and strength, or definition.

Hang from a bar with an overhand grip. The width of your hands will not matter for this exercises. At all times keep your core tight to maintain balance. With your legs, straight and locked together, raise them higher than your waist level. Hold that position for your desired duration if you are performing the isometric hold, or slowly return to the starting position and perform repetitions.


If you can perform many reps with your body weight, you may perform the pull-up variations with weight. You may either clip a dumbbell with your legs or have a weightlifting belt with an extra plate strap.


It is an advanced skill. It requires technique, form, and strength. It is almost a whole-body movement because you need your hips, legs, core, and upper body to execute the movement. Having that said, it is indeed taxing to accomplish one rep especially if you have just recently unlocked the skill. You may add the kipping technique to clear your body over the bar.

To begin with, grasp the bar with an overhand grip, and your hands slightly wider than your shoulder width apart. If you have the strength, pull yourself up and once your hips are parallel to the bar, push and fully extend to the top. If you don’t have the strength yet, apply the kipping movement and when you’re high enough, point your elbows upward as if you’re doing a dip exercise.

All of the exercises stated earlier are the common ones that you can do, or practice for the meantime. We have given you techniques and pre-requisites so that you can progress with the movement properly. There might be a time that your grip will fail in the middle of a set. I suggest that you have a lifting strap around you to help you accomplish a session.

Top 5 Best Pull-Up Bars

We have given you the benefits or advantages of possessing a pull-up bar, and the exercises you may do with it. Now all of our selections are highly rated and recommended by buyers from Amazon, which is a trusted online shopping site. Make sure to follow the instructions to avoid serious injuries. Now without further ado, here are our top 5 best pull-up bars:


Via amazon.com



  • Has three grip positions
  • Uses leverage to hold to avoid damage to any furniture or surface
  • Can hold up to 300lbs
  • The plastic on the tip is not durable
  • The supposed measurement is false

Our Opinion:

A standard yet reliable piece of equipment. It does what is expected. Although, some had problems with the measurements that fits their doorway. Furthermore, the steel is not as stiff as expected, because one user was a 160+ pound guy, and he noticed that there is already a bent portion in the middle. Although, some users are satisfied with the item because it is easy to install and uninstall. It doesn't require additional equipment to use it, and that is why it’s one of the top-rated items by buyers.


Via amazon.com



  • Padded handles which ensure comfort
  • 3 grip variations
  • Portable gym equipment
  • One-year warranty
  • Identical materials to common pull-up bars
  • Some of the bolts wouldn’t stay secure

Our Opinion:

This equipment has received a lot of satisfactory feedbacks. From the reviews, we have noticed that nearly every user stated that it is totally secure, and you don't have to worry about it giving in. It is also portable, but it takes time to fix. Another positive comment about this product is, it is adjustable that can nearly fit any doorway available. However, there are instances that the bolts that come along with the package are faulty. Just in case of any mishaps, there is a one-year warranty for the item.


Via amazon.com



  • 4 grip positions
  • High-density foam for longer workouts
  • All steel construction
  • Easy installation
  • Mounting plates are not adjustable
  • Lacks an instruction guide
  • Some packages are incomplete of tools

Our Opinion:

It has come to my attention that some of the feedbacks had something to do with misleading instructions and labels. The specifications and measurements are not the same ones as the bolts and screws that came with the package. Nonetheless, the biggest positive about the said products is, it is very secure and stable. At least the advertisement and the equipment stayed true for itself.


Via amazon.com



  • Highly portable equipment
  • Mounts anywhere
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Adjustable from the opposite ends
  • It has no locking mechanism to stay secured
  • The bar would rotate every movement you do

Our Opinion:

First off, I stumbled upon a review stating the company, Garren Fitness, responds right away which is already a big plus for this product review. According to the review, it had the quickest support feedback they have ever experienced. Moreover, the product is simple, yet very useful for its kind. Although, the only concern is that it is unstable as it may tighten or unwind during use.


Via amazon.com



  • Upgraded version of the previous with more stable structure
  • Thick, high-quality steel reinforcement
  • Foam grips on all handles
  • Faulty and low-quality bolts
  • Unreliable hardware

Our Opinion:

With every negative feedback, it has always been the bolts that are in the spotlight. Well, I wouldn't blame them because you could seriously get injured if the bar just suddenly drops in the middle of your exercise. Other than the mishaps, it is still a reliable product that does job for it's priced for. Most users had no problem getting this bar setup. If ever, it is required that you buy a heavier duty set of bolts.

Via amazon.com

I would rather have a stable and secure item than a product with numerous features then would suddenly fall off while you're working out. It has been tried and tested by many users that it is a high-quality equipment.

Things To Remember

  • Nutrition – When you don’t have the right nutritional knowledge, you may not get what you are expecting from yourself
  • Safety – When you have a medical history of injuries, you may use supports like knee sleeves, or wrist wraps to protect you when you are training.
  • Supplement – If ever you don’t have time to buy and eat the food you need, mass gainers, creatine and other supplements are always available to get strong and muscular.
  • Recovery – you may do active recovery by doing outdoor activities. Hiking is an effective recovery method because it improves health functions. If you have a spinning bike at home, then you could utilize that rather than going out of your house.


We have just presented you the Top 5 Best Pull-Up bars in the market. We may not have what you are looking if in case you have your preference, but we just want to offer you what has been proven to be effective for everybody. If you have any further suggestions that could help the fitness community, please leave a comment below.


Author: Gregory Brown

Hi there,
I’m Gregory Brown, chief editor at ConstructMuscles.com
I spend half of my time in this blog while the other half on being physical fitness trainer. Believing in the great benefits of bodybuilding and fitness to the body, I’ve been motivated to become a fitness enthusiast. It also was what gave me the self-confidence and assurance within myself both physically and psychologically.

    Gregory Brown

    Hi there, I'm Gregory Brown, chief editor at ConstructMuscles.com I spend half of my time in this blog while the other half on being physical fitness trainer. Believing in the great benefits of bodybuilding and fitness to the body, I’ve been motivated to become a fitness enthusiast. It also was what gave me the self-confidence and assurance within myself both physically and psychologically.

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